Cleaning Up From Tropical Storm Andrea

The remains of tropical storm Andrea increased the danger of flooding in the northeastern parts of the United States on Saturday. It may be noted that tropical storm Andrea is the first named storm which occurs during the Atlantic hurricane season. It continues its journey across the East Coast.

On late Friday, Andrea was downgraded to being a post-tropical cyclone. However, it still consisted of maximum constant winds of nearly 45 miles per hour till as late as 11 AM, Saturday. As per the information provided by the National Hurricane Center, the center of this storm was situated west of Cape Cod and that it was traveling northeast with a speed of about 39 mph. Gale force like wind warnings were put into effect across the East Coast from New Jersey all the way to Maine.

The National Weather Service had predicted that the storm may cause three to five inches of rain in varied regions ranging from New Jersey to New England, before eventually fading off.

North Miami received nearly 13 to 14 inches of rain, while Boston got just over 3. The city of New York experienced the wettest June day with 4.16 inches of rain. Andrea also broke the 100-year old record in Philadelphia and caused record rainfall in the state of Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia International Airport received a record rainfall of 3.5 inches, while the 1.82 inches of rain at Lehigh Valley International Airport next to Allentown was also another record. Heavy rainfall caused by the outer bands of tropical storm Andrea was believed to be the cause of a fatal accident on Interstate 77 in Virginia.

The officials in the Northeast regions were prepared for the flooding and heavy rainfall of Friday night. A few parts of the roadways across Long Island were shut due to flash flooding.

It was reported that the remnants of Andrea will keep on traveling north along the East Coast on Saturday. There may be temporary gusty winds, and local heavy rain. The areas along the path of the storm may also be at risk to flooding.
Andrea had moved into south Newfoundland by Saturday. Winterland on the Burin Peninsula received the highest rainfall at 55 mm. Argentia on the Avalon Peninsula received over 42 mm of rain, while nearly 26 mm of rain dumped on the capital city of St. John. The Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas reported only moderate to light amounts of rainfall.
Satellite images obtained on Sunday, June 9, 2013, indicate that the remains of the tropical storm Andrea has sailed out into the Atlantic.

It may be noted that Andrea, which is the first tropical storm of the hurricane season in the Atlantic, made landfall along the region of the Big Bend in Florida around ten miles south of Steinhatchee, on late Thursday afternoon. The storm gave rise to a minimum of 7 tornadoes in Florida on Thursday. The storm has caused a lot of destruction to property, the value for which is yet to be ascertained.

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